Custom hardware, software, firmware design & development

Engineering of custom hardware & software solutions. Ranging from 'napkin sketches', CAD designs and manufacturing up to tying up a ribbon to the delivered product.

Our process

Project specification

In the very early stages of the project, we focus on the specification of software, hardware and product as a whole. This step often involves regular meetings and communication between us and the client.

Research & design

As all of the products are usually very unique and solve completely new problems with the use of latest technologies, our team focuses on high quality research and architecture, construction, UI and electronics design of the product to ensure a smooth development.

Software development

After finishing all the specifications, research and designs, the software team jumps right into work and starts the development of the software pieces, whether it is firmware, API or even an entire information system.

Hardware engineering

To speed up the process, our hardware engineers are working in parallel with software engineers. Soldering components onto the PCBs, wiring-up all the sensors and working on construction.

Product delivery

As the last piece of the puzzle, everything gets delivered to the client and assembled. All of the electronics are wired up, connected and tested. Based on the character of the individual project, this may take several days. After successful assembly, implementation verification, testing and handover, the product is officially done!

Maintenance & SLA

We've got you covered even after the product is finished! For quick support, updates and easier upgrades, you can request a SLA tailored just for your needs.