Custom Software Solutions

Custom made software built to save costs and help you grow

The years of practice we have accumulated over time bring us the benefit of creating efficient and functional software solutions. Every single product is tailored for each client to meet their requirements. Our software is innovative and provides added value to clients in the form of competitive advantage.


Our process

Right after the first introduction with our clients' project proposal, we immerse ourselves into a deep analysis of the project idea. We create the basic definition of what will or will not be required of the system. After a mutual agreement, we start the process of development.

The first step is to develop a thorough and transparent technical specification that includes detailed characteristics of the project. This becomes the main part of the whole development process and ensures the smooth development of the project.

Seeing how your idea is gradually turning into a real product is one of the advantages of agile development (kanban, scrum). We apply agile principles of development in ambitas. Whichever way of development we choose, we strive to provide the client with the greatest possible added value and relevant progress to the project at all times.

All our steps and mutual communication lead to the completion of the development and the successful launch of the software solution. After the final launch, the monitoring, maintenance and continuous support process begins.

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