Vertical Farm 2.0

Let us introduce to you our next vertical farming project: Vertical Farm 2.0 - the World's largest vertical farm for growing saffron.. An ‘older sibling’ of the previous proof of concept, which comes in a new guise due to the improved build quality and more integrated solutions. This farm has been elevated to another level in several aspects to grow an additional amount of premium grade saffron.



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46WhPer square meter. Considering all lights running on 50% brightness for 12 hours a day. Excluding HVAC and water pumps.

Daily consumption

Growing area

4+Thanks to the perfectly controlled enviroment and farm automation.

Harvests annually



From A to Z

As for the first farm, Veles Farming once again relied on us to design and manufacture a saffron vertical farm, but this time, ending up with building the largest vertical farm for growing saffron on this planet! The main vision remained the same, but the goal was to improve upon things that could be upgraded compared to the previous model. We started again with CAD design, consultations, and began preparing the hardware manufacturing process and software development. (Explore more about what you should consider before building a vertical farm in the new article!)



Research, development and implementation

​​With the help of expert knowledge in hardware, software and efficient communication between the various sectors, we have pioneered the creation of a vertical farm using a more standardized approach in construction, employing components that follow a common structure. This not only ensures consistency but also facilitates scalability with efficiency. In our quest for innovation, we have achieved a significant milestone in making the vertical farm more energy-efficient. By optimizing various processes, we now require notably less energy consumption per bulb. This transformation translates into a solid reduction in the overall energy consumption. Compared to the previous model, we have developed a new centralized control unit, making this farm more efficient than any other before. Thanks to all these improvements, we have managed to optimize production costs and transform this complex concept into existence.



Agronomy of the 21th century

This project resulted in a sustainable, innovative and cost-effective vertical farm in the heart of Europe providing 350 square meters of cultivation area for growing saffron which makes it the largest farm for growing this crop. It creates an ideal environment for growing premium-grade saffron or a diverse selection of other crops (To learn more about profitable crops for vertical farming, read our recent article!). We cannot forget to mention tracking via our IoT sensors, including parameters such as CO2 levels, temperature, humidity, pH, and leaf surface temperature. Thanks to these newest IoT sensors, cloud, remote management and the integration with HVAC, humidifiers and watering system, the smooth running of the operation is ensured, and we have managed to create another vertical farm project that contributes to revolutionizing the future of agriculture.



Miroslav Hroncek - CEO, Veles Farming

Our experience with ambitas has been outstanding. Their innovative ideas, customized solutions and exceptional communication led to our success. I highly recommend them for their dedication to excellence and genuine client focus.

Miroslav Hroncek
CEO, Veles Farming