Vertical Farm

This vertical farm enters the doors to the farming of the future by launching automated tasks based on the triggers that are defined by the "digital growing recipe". Various sensors keep an eye on the ambient conditions, which helps with growing premium grade saffron.

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Remote management

Production increase

0.1kWhPer square meter with the lights running for 8 hours a day on 50% brightness. Excluding HVAC and water pumps.

Daily consumption



From A to Z

The VelesFarming startup approached us with a real challenge - to design and manufacture a vertical saffron farm. The main vision of this startup was to create a modern farm of the 21st century - ecologic, reliable, highly automated and connected to the internet. Starting from scratch, we went through CAD designs, consultations, design and manufacturing of hardware and software development.



Research, development and implementation

Bringing this complex project to reality required the application of expert knowledge in both software and hardware fields. We also had to ensure effective communication between the design team, hardware suppliers and manufacturers and the team responsible for the final assembly. Apart from efficiently managed human resources, the design and implementation of custom electronics with a high level of hardware was required for efficient management of electricity and water supply, brought together by firmware and software integration.



Agronomy of the 21th century

The result is a modern, ecological, and economic vertical farm providing almost 20 square meters on a footprint of less than 4 square meters. Although primarily focused on saffron, it enables efficient cultivation of a wide variety of plants. Cloud integration ensures a safe operation without any surprises, with added benefit of efficient management without the need for an on-site intervention. Equipped with latest sensors for everything from temperature to pH and CO2, it helps to create perfect growing conditions and respond to environmental changes beyond the capabilities of a typical 'analog' farm.



Miroslav Hroncek - CEO, Veles Farming

Our experience with ambitas has been outstanding. Their innovative ideas, customized solutions and exceptional communication led to our success. I highly recommend them for their dedication to excellence and genuine client focus.

Miroslav Hroncek
CEO, Veles Farming