Custom Vertical Farming

You dream it, we design and deliver

Engineering vertical farms that blend horticulture with agricultural technology for fast, year-round, sustainable production in controlled environments, ensuring quality and predictability with minimal space and water usage.

Why should you do it?

Design & Planning

Crafting space-efficient designs for modern agriculture

We specialize in designing and planning efficient vertical farms, adaptable to both existing buildings and new constructions. Our focus is on optimizing essential utilities such as water, lighting, and climate control, ensuring high-efficiency operations in any space. We precisely tailor our designs to meet specific production goals, incorporating the latest in vertical farming technology for a seamless and sustainable urban farming experience.

Building & Installation

Innovative solid foundation setups with precision and efficiency

Our approach in the field of building and installation includes the development of custom racking systems and trays, adjusted for space efficiency and adaptability, alongside advanced hardware and custom electronics specifically designed for urban agriculture environments. We provide complete on-site installation, ensuring that every element of the vertical farm, from the innovative racking solutions to the precision electronics, is set up for optimal performance and ease of operation.

Environment control

Optimizing growth conditions with advanced, controlled environmental systems

Incorporation of advanced environment control devices is an essential part of vertical farming technology. By integrating HVAC and dehumidifier systems, we maintain the ideal growing conditions complemented by precision lighting solutions that meet the specific needs of each plant. Our systems feature advanced irrigation controls, efficient water circulation mechanisms, custom IoT sensors, comprehensive software & data analytics. These adjustments ensure optimization of every aspect of the indoor farming ecosystem for maximum yield and efficiency.

Monitoring & Farm automation

Empowering progress with automation

Our vertical farming solutions are at the forefront of monitoring and automation, ensuring efficiency and optimal growth. We specialize in selecting, designing, and manufacturing custom IoT sensors for an array of parameters including CO2 levels, temperature, humidity, pH, and plant leaf surface temperature. These sensors can be installed throughout the entire farm or adapted for individual trays, providing precise, real-time data. Our advanced cloud-based farm management system integrates these inputs, enabling full automation and control through a web or mobile app.

Optimizations & Innovations

Maximizing potential, minimizing effort

We're advancing the field with further automation and technological innovation, including water filtration and reuse systems, highlighting our commitment to sustainability. Our in-house engineering solutions enable us to manufacture everything required for a vertical farm, focusing on high efficiency in both energy and water consumption. We integrate sustainable practices like solar panels on rooftops and seamlessly incorporating HVAC systems into our comprehensive information system. This holistic approach aligns with our vision of advanced agricultural solutions.

Continuous support

Commitment beyond manufacturing & installation

At ambitas, we are dedicated to providing continuous support for our vertical farming systems, ensuring that our products consistently perform at their best. We offer complete technical assistance, thorough training and regular maintenance, empowering clients with the knowledge and skills to optimally manage their vertical farms. Additionally, our post-installation services are designed to offer ongoing support, ensuring that each vertical farm we install continues to thrive and evolve with the latest advancements in the field.


Upfront Investment

Production, Delivery & Support

Growing and Harvesting